Monday, 14 December 2015

The Importance of Regular HVAC Checkups for Industrial Units


Regular checkups and routine maintenance ensure that commercial air conditioning units perform at high levels of efficiency and enjoy a long life.You should schedule a yearly checkup for your business’ HVAC system to ensure that the components are functioning properly and to avoid major breakdowns.

Filter Maintenance

The filters of any air conditioning system must be checked regularly for signs of dirt, dust or debris.Dirty filters block air flow and reduce efficiency by up to 15 percent!Check the filters monthly and replace them at least every other month during the cooling season.

A Professional Examination

Call an expert to check your unit at least once a year.Scheduling preventative maintenance before the summer months is ideal.During this examination, the technician should inspect the following:

  • Refrigerant level
  • Air flow through the coil
  • Thermostat accuracy
  • Belts, motors and fan blades
  • Evaporator coil
  • Drain lines

Any moving parts should be checked for signs of wear and should be well-oiled at the conclusion of the visit.Additionally, you should expect the serviceman to clean the coils and ensure that the area around the unit is free of debris that could be collected by the evaporator coil.Keeping up on maintenance safeguards your unit and keeps it functioning properly and reliably for many years. For more information on industrial conditioning in Holly Springs, visit this website.

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