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14 Techniques to Improve CSR Performance

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The Importance of Regular HVAC Checkups for Industrial Units


Regular checkups and routine maintenance ensure that commercial air conditioning units perform at high levels of efficiency and enjoy a long life.You should schedule a yearly checkup for your business’ HVAC system to ensure that the components are functioning properly and to avoid major breakdowns.

Filter Maintenance

The filters of any air conditioning system must be checked regularly for signs of dirt, dust or debris.Dirty filters block air flow and reduce efficiency by up to 15 percent!Check the filters monthly and replace them at least every other month during the cooling season.

A Professional Examination

Call an expert to check your unit at least once a year.Scheduling preventative maintenance before the summer months is ideal.During this examination, the technician should inspect the following:

  • Refrigerant level
  • Air flow through the coil
  • Thermostat accuracy
  • Belts, motors and fan blades
  • Evaporator coil
  • Drain lines

Any moving parts should be checked for signs of wear and should be well-oiled at the conclusion of the visit.Additionally, you should expect the serviceman to clean the coils and ensure that the area around the unit is free of debris that could be collected by the evaporator coil.Keeping up on maintenance safeguards your unit and keeps it functioning properly and reliably for many years. For more information on industrial conditioning in Holly Springs, visit this website.

Anything to Keep Cool

You don’t have to result to camping out in front of the air conditioner to remain comfortable. If your unit just isn’t keeping up with the heat, it may be time for a tune up to increase performance.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Help Filter Out Allergens by Purchasing an Indoor Air System

Allergens are a common topic of conversation every spring, and can actually cause problems every time the seasons change. Pollen and dander in the air outdoors can make an allergy sufferer feel truly miserable, but most people don't realize that indoor air quality is usually just as bad, if not worse, than what is outside. Everything from smoking cigarettes or cigars in the home, to the hair your cats and dogs shed, and even something as simple as forgetting to dust one week, can lead to bad air quality.

People who suffer from allergies often have red, itchy and sometimes swollen eyes, and puffy, red noses. Allergens might cause you to sneeze or cough often, have a scratchy throat and even have trouble breathing, depending on how severe they are. Severe sufferers often have a lower quality of life than non-sufferers have. Luckily, there is a fix. If you're worried about the air quality in your home, you can purchase an indoor air quality system.

Indoor air quality products are available to purify the air, dehumidify it and provide better ventilation. A purification and filtration system is often the most beneficial. It works by attaching to your HVAC system, where it traps and holds dust particles and other pollutants before they can even reach your living space. If moisture is a problem in your home, a dehumidifier will pull it from the atmosphere, resulting in air quality that is purer and less likely to breed mold or other pollutants that thrive in wet climates. Finally, a ventilation system works to enhance your air's quality, and is especially helpful if your home is one that is often closed up when people are at work or school. A ventilation system will cause your air to feel better and smell fresher.

To ensure you have the best indoor air quality, you should hire an air quality specialist to analyze the pollutants in your home. Once they’ve determined what the problem is,they can help you decide which type of indoor air quality system — or systems — will work best for your home and your family's needs. A professional air quality technician will also be able to help you make your system convenient by including comfort control systems. A smart thermostat will allow you to control your home's air quality from where you sit, whether that's the living room couch or the boardroom at work. For more information about indoor air systems in Apex, visit this website.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Create Better Air Quality in Your Home

Your home’s air quality shouldn’t leave you feeling stifled. If you’re tired of breathing in stale, dusty air, purchase an indoor air filter to pull the dust and allergens from your home. You’ll be breathing easier in no time at all!

3 Affordable Ways to Keep Your Business Heated in the Winter Months


As a business owner, keeping your costs low is necessary to make a good profit. Heating an office, store or warehouse can be costly, but fortunately, you can take some steps to make heating more affordable.

Keep the Blinds Up

Raising the blinds makes the office warmer. Even if the air is cold outside, the sun creates heat, and by allowing it into the office, you'll be creating the best heat — the free kind!

Perform Routine HVAC Maintenance

To keep costs down, you need to ensure your heating and cooling system is in good working order. At least once a year, you should call in a professional to do a few things.

  • Change the system's filter
  • Clean the unit
  • Test to ensure all parts are working properly

Replace the System

If your company hasn't received a new HVAC system in more than a decade, hiring a professional to replace the entire unit could save you plenty of money. In recent years, technology has created increasingly more efficient systems, so even though you spend upfront for the replacement, you'll be saving money each month thanks to a unit that runs better.

To run a quality business, you need to ensure your employees are happy and comfortable enough to work, and these tips can help you do that. To learn more about commercial heating services in Apex, click on this website link.